Get a 5G mobile phone in first quarter of 2019?

Get a 5G mobile phone in first quarter of 2019?


As the "5G first year", 2019 is about to usher in a big wave of 5G mobile phones. Are you ready? According to many reports earlier, we have taken the lead and collected some lists of manufacturers that will launch 5G mobile phones in this year of 2019. Next, we will sneak a sneak peek.

No 1 / Huawei:
5G baseband chip: Huawei baseband
Expected release time: first quarter of 2019
All along, the rumors that Huawei will launch a folding screen phone with 5G chips in 2019 will be heard. Especially as early as September 2017. Huawei submitted a patent on folding mobile phones. Huawei's folding mobile phone will win the 5G plan this year with flexible OLED, we seem to have the answer.

On the MWC2019, which will be held in Barcelona from February 25th to 28th, Huawei will focus on hot topics such as 5G, artificial intelligence, IoT, and cloud services, and showcase Huawei's latest research and development achievements in the field of communication technology, such as the first release. 5G technology mobile phone.

On January 24th, Beijing time, Huawei released the first 5G Scorpio chip and Baron 5000 chip in Beijing. As the "first mover" of the 5G first year, the Huawei Tianzhu, which was launched this time, is also the world's first 5G base station core chip.

I believe that in the first half of the year, we will see the long-awaited 5G mobile phone Huawei P30. Maybe look forward to it!

NO 2 / Samsung
5G baseband chip: Qualcomm baseband
Expected release time: first quarter of 2019

When it comes to 5G mobile phones, I believe Samsung is the first to bear the brunt. Because as early as February 9th, 2018, PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Samsung has cooperated with other manufacturers to provide users with 5G application services. From synchronous viewing to automatic driving, viewers can get a novel viewing experience through 5G.

Samsung's first 5G mobile phone S10 X will be launched in March
Since then, on August 15, 2018, Samsung launched its 5G baseband - Exynos Modem 5100. And on December 5 of the same year, Samsung joined Qualcomm and Verizon to release a new 5G NR data connection system, showing the transmission speed of 5G network on the mobile phone, and then the first 5G mobile phone was exhibited at 2019CES.
Therefore, in the field of 5G, Samsung will not lag behind others, although Gao Dongzhen has denied that there will be a 5G model on the Samsung Galaxy S10 conference on February 20, but according to Hanwang Electronic News, Samsung will Launched its first 5G phone in March – called the Galaxy S10 X.
Rumor has also said that the 5G mobile phone Galaxy S10 X will be launched in South Korea in March, priced at 800,000-900,000 won. The report is so detailed, it seems that the Samsung 5G mobile phone really did not run this time.

NO3 : OPPO, vivo / millet
5G baseband chip: Qualcomm baseband
Expected release time: first quarter of 2019

In the second half of last year, OPPO/vivo showed their own prototypes supporting 5G networks. In this year's CES2019, OPPO vivo and Xiaomi, the three domestic mobile phone manufacturers, are also taking the lead, showing the prototype of the new machine, which is an eye-opener.

Previously, the 5G prototype displayed by vivo was also the first 5G mobile phone function that the industry opened to the public experience, and the 5G prototype displayed was quite high; and the 6th China Mobile Global Cooperation held in Guangzhou on December 6-8 At the partner conference, OPPO exhibited the 5G prototype based on Find X for the first time to consumers around the world.
Previously, the CEO of vivo company Shen Yu has revealed twice that the research and development of vivo's 5G mobile phone is progressing smoothly. The 5G pre-commercial mobile phone will be launched in 2019, and the real launch will be launched in 2020, when the Chinese operator is a large-scale 5G commercial. 5G smartphone.
For Xiaomi, who has always liked to catch up with the trend, how can a 5G layout like this be less? So it seems so good, we seem to be able to see this wave of 5G new machines in the first half of this year.

As for the apples that everyone is looking forward to, can you get 5G when you are? Reliable news, due to the entanglement with Qualcomm, Apple can only use Intel's baseband technology for 5G pre-technical preparation, so if you want to use Apple's 5G mobile phone, it should be 2020.




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